Evaluation of Liverpool CCG’s General Practice Specification

Colette Morris (Locality Development Manager LCCG)

Laura Buckels (Primary Care Senior Intelligence Analysts LCCG)

Sharon Poll (Primary Care Clinical Advisor LCCG)


Advisory panel for the evaluation of the General Practice Specification

Liverpool background

Liverpool as a city has long struggled with health inequalities between the most affluent and most deprived areas, with a difference of as much as 10 years between the areas with highest and lowest life expectancy. In addition, there are particular pockets of the city with high proportions of unemployment and BAME populations with particular needs to name but a few.

The Liverpool General Practice Specification (GP Spec) was conceived against a background of massive variation within general practice in the city. Extra services for particular groups of patients had historically been commissioned as multiple ‘Local Enhanced Services’. This route meant practices could choose whether or not to offer a service, resulting in pockets of over-provision in certain areas, with other areas of the city lacking.

The GP Spec was a single contract that standardised the services offered by general practices in Liverpool, with the aim being consistency of service for all patients in the city. The specification aimed to identify the most important areas of primary care provision and get practices to focus on them. Reducing health inequalities was a key aim of specification from the outset.

Purpose of the evaluation - is to understand the impact that the implementation of the GP Specification has made upon key areas of healthcare activity, quality of general practice and patient experience over the period April 2011 to September 2016.

The purpose of the advisory panel- is to involve members of the public to act on an advisory capacity, acting  as a critical friend  throughout the process of the evaluation.. We anticipate the role of the panel to:

  • Sense check evaluation plan
  • Sense check offer for patient participation engagement
  • Support the development of draft questions for interview
  • Sense check criteria for selected practices
  • Sense check information / consent for practices
  • Support the evaluation team with the review of literature
  • Sense check findings (analysis) and headline topics / themes
  • Help inform evaluation write up / shape the final report
  • Support the dissemination of findings

Duties – Panel members will be required to:

        I.            Attend advisory panel meetings (scheduled dates / times yet to be agreed)

       II.            Read the evaluation plan and its findings as they develop, providing comments and advice regarding its readability,
                      completeness and interpretation.

      III.            With support from the staff undertaking the review, offer help and advice on  dissemination of the review findings

If you would like to get invovled contact Abigail Oyston  a.oyston@lancaster.ac.uk